How to clean the filters of my vacuum cleaner?

Your vacuum cleaner is showing signs of weakness and seems less than desirable? Do you know that the maintenance of your vacuum cleaner is a big part of it? A bag too full, a dirty filter … By doing the necessary regularly, your vacuum cleaner will regain its suction power and efficiency.

Filter maintenance: good for you and for your vacuum cleaner

If in fact, you know where the bag of your vacuum cleaner is and are able to evaluate when to change it, it may be less obvious for the filters .

Know that different levels of filtration are provided to prevent dust and mites from returning to the atmosphere you breathe.

  • Vacuum filter

    Vacuum filter

    The motor filter placed between the bag and the motor protects against micro-dust, it can be foam (washable and very resistant) or paper fiber (more hygienic and less restrictive to use). It changes every five bags.

  • The air outlet filter placed between the air outlet grilles filters the air returned to the room and retains the finest particles. It changes every five bags.
  • The Hepa filter is to be changed if it is disposable or to be cleaned if it is washable. In this case, remove the dust, by tapping and if necessary, wash it with warm water and then sponge it with a dry cloth. Let it dry completely before putting it back in place.